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Motorhome tours abroad? How easy? Very easy...
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We love to see Australia through the windscreen of our RVs. What about other countries? North America would undoubtedly be the centre of the RV universe with wide open roads, a myriad of tourist and natural attractions and well-equipped RV parks. It should be on every RVer’s bucket list.

There are plenty of ways to tackle a trip in North America in an RV. One Australian company has been planning and conducting tours for 20 years. They have picked the best RV parks, the best attractions and joined forces with suppliers to ensure you have a safe and hassle-free experience. Established in 2003 by Graeme Smyth, America Canada Motorhome Tours have the experience, connections and insider knowledge to get you rolling along some of America’s most amazing routes.

Imagine unpacking your travel bags once on a trip. Then setting out in a modern RV (they’re big and comfortable in the US) with a dedicated tour leader who can provide expert insights, outline the day's travel ahead and all you have to do is hit the road when you feel like it.

Unlike bus tours or other group tours, you are at your own leisure. Feel like sleeping in or having an extra coffee at the RV park in which you have overnighted? No problems. The itineraries provide for six to seven hours to get to your next destination, even though the drivetime is usually only three hours.

As Graeme says, “It's an adventure tour and we give our guests the chance to create their own adventure. Participants can travel at their own pace and take in the spectacular sites and sounds that each day has for them. People love the security that the tour leader provides too. Coupled with roadside assistance, our tours have the stress taken out of them. Start your RV, hit the GPS guidance and away you go”.

Each trip's itinerary has over 20 years of experience poured into it. Graeme has “picked the best RV parks” on each trip with RV sites all pre-booked. ACMT has established relationships with nationwide hire organisations who supply the RVs for tours. Roadside assistance is all part of the tour package. How’s that for stress-free travel? 

“At camp each night there’s a ‘Happy Hour’, where you can swap your travel adventures with each other. The camaraderie that’s built on each trip is a special part of it. We have reunions going back to our first trip in 2003” Graeme adds.

The itineraries cover iconic landmarks, breath-taking natural wonders and hard-to-reach destinations. Looking for some cultural and historical stops? Each trip has a variety that will keep you busy. There is a mix of pre-planned inclusions, extras and the chance to do your own thing.

Here’s a quick rundown of the trips. You can download a brochure for detailed information about each adventure.

Alaska Highway Tour Southbound—Anchorage to Seattle: This trip kicks off with a seven-night cruise from Vancouver to Anchorage. We travel across the Top of the World Highway to Dawson City, down to Whitehorse, onto the Cassiar Highway towards Banff before heading across to Seattle. Apart from time in Yellowstone National Park, there’s optional activities including a Boeing Aircraft Factory tour, fly fishing/bear watching in Anchorage and scenic flights over Prince William Sound.

Alaska Highway: Seattle—Anchorage: Our original Alaska Highway Tour. An updated itinerary has the tour taking the Cassiar Highway up through the Western Rockies, joining the Alaska Highway at Watson Lake. This has been our “flagship” tour for over a dozen years. Like all trips, there are dozens of optional activities available.

New York to Eastern Canada: Timed to take in the spectacular colours of autumn in the New England states and Eastern Canada, this trip commences with three nights in the heart of New York City. The tour travels up through New England’s beautiful, rugged coastline, across to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. From there, we track through Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto and down to Niagara Falls before finishing back in New York. Thirty-four days of adventure, excitement and mind-blowing scenery.

Nashville to The Caribbean: Nashville to the Caribbean is dubbed our “Music Tour”. It’s much, much more than that. We travel through six of the magnificent Dixie Confederate States, rich in Country, Rhythm and Blues, Rock’n’Roll and Jazz music, visiting three of the world’s great music cities: Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans. To top it off, we cruise the Caribbean for seven nights, rich in its own musical culture. Included activities include Disneyland, the Kennedy Space Center and magical sunsets in Key West.

New York to Route 66: New York to Los Angeles, starting with three nights in New York City, then three nights at Niagara Falls before starting our road trip in earnest. We travel through America’s legendary ”Badlands ” following Route 66 through St Louis, Oklahoma City, Amarillo Texas and Albuquerque, New Mexico. We take in the spectacular Monument Valley and Grand Canyon, before hitting Las Vegas for three nights. Our final stop in Anaheim CA is home to the magical Disneyland Resort. The trip is paced to allow plenty of sightseeing along the way and there’s plenty to see!

Grand Tour: Canada—Alaska (64 Days): Our grand tour of the west coast of Canada and Alaska. This tour is fully escorted and includes many additional day tours: our longest and most adventurous adventure. Anytime Anchorage is on the destination list, you know it's going to be an amazing adventure.

ACMT has over 20 years of being a travel agent. The tours include return economy flights to each start point and everything in between. The planning that the ACMT team has put in means you do not have to worry about the usual travel pitfalls. The best RV parks are booked, the itinerary provides ample opportunity to go your own way, the RVs have all the modern comforts and roadside assist in the event something goes wrong. Coupled with experienced tour leaders on each adventure, all you have to do is pick your adventure and start packing.

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Written: Tue 28 Feb 2023
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