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Happy 500th Motorhome
Explorer 4WD Motorhomes celebrates the production of their 500th motorhome.
Words and Images by: EXPLORER 4WD MOTORHOMES

Based in Clontarf, Queensland, Australia’s premier 4WD motorhome manufacturer, Explorer 4WD Motorhomes, is proud to announce the production of their 500th motorhome. This milestone is a testament to their commitment to excellence and their passion for creating top-quality, custom-built motorhomes.

At the heart of Explorer 4WD Motorhomes is their signature onepiece fibreglass body. This innovative design with its seamless construction not only makes for an extremely tough motorhome but it ensures durability and longevity. The unique construction method completely eliminates any risk of leaking joins while enhancing the overall strength of the motorhomes, making them ready to tackle even the harshest of Australian landscapes.

All around Australia, Explorer 4WD Motorhomes sets the standard for exceptional service and aftersales commitment to their customers. Understanding that each customer has unique requirements and preferences, they offer a range of options and premium finishes to tailor each motorhome to the owner’s specifications. Whether it’s sleeping configurations, dining and kitchen layouts, scenic window preferences or storage requirements, Explorer 4WD Motorhomes has a model to suit every client’s needs.

When it comes to construction, Explorer 4WD Motorhomes never compromises on quality. Only the highest quality components and finishes are used, ensuring that every motorhome is built to withstand the  test of time. In their commitment to supporting the local economy, Explorer 4WD Motorhomes proudly uses Australian suppliers whenever the quality meets their stringent standards. This has earned Explorer 4WD Motorhomes the right to proudly display the Australian Made Logo on their product. This not only helps support local businesses but also ensures that their motorhomes are equipped with the best materials available.

Behind the success of Explorer 4WD Motorhomes is the Ridings family, whom have been at the helm of the manufacturing business since its inception. As a family-owned and operated company, they bring a personal touch to every aspect of the business. David Ridings, the owner of Explorer 4WD Motorhomes,  has led the team of highly trained and committed employees with passion and dedication. The culture within the company ensures that each motorhome that rolls off the production line lives up to their high standards.

The happy new owner’s of Explorer 4WD Motorhome’s 500th motorhome

One of the key advantages of an Explorer 4WD Motorhome is its ability to go where other motorhomes can’t. With their 4WD capabilities, these motorhomes can confidently navigate rugged terrains, conquer challenging off-road tracks, and reach remote destinations that would be out of reach for traditional motorhomes. The unique capabilities of Explorer 4WD Motorhomes opens up a world of possibilities for travel enthusiasts, allowing them to explore Australia’s vast and diverse landscapes without limitations.

The production of the 500th Explorer 4WD Motorhome marks a significant achievement for the company. It is a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With a growing range of models, an impressive list of options and finishes, and a reputation for excellence, Explorer 4WD Motorhomes continues to set the benchmark for 4WD motorhome manufacturing in Australia.

As Explorer 4WD Motorhomes celebrates this milestone, they look forward to continuing their legacy of creating exceptional motorhomes that empower adventurers to explore the great Australian outdoors in comfort and style. With their unwavering dedication to craftsmanship, their commitment to local suppliers, and their passion for delivering tailored solutions, Explorer 4WD Motorhomes is well-positioned to embark on the next chapter of their success story.

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Written: Fri 01 Sep 2023
Printed: September, 2023
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