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The Adventures crew was tasked with creating a $10 (or thereabouts) campfire meal for four. Here are the results.
Words and Images by: MICHAEL ‘BORGY’ BORG



Pre-cooked rice - $2.00

Can of sardines - $0.72

Tinned tomatoes - $0.80

Curry powder

Snags - $3.00

Odd leftover veggies

Bread - $0.85

Mars Bars x 2 ($0.80 ea) - $1.60



We’ve all got a few old tins or packet mixes lying around the traps, so it’s time to raid the tuckerbox. If you find the following items, you’ve hit the jackpot big time. Two packs of pre-cooked rice, a can of sardines, tin of something the label’s come off (it’s probably tomato) and a spoon full (or two) of curry. Forage around the fridge for leftover snags and dodgy looking veggies (they’re free). Chuck all the ingredients in a pan and cook it all up to become one big tasty pot of grub.


If anyone’s still hungry, this will put a smile on your dial. Grab eight slices of white bread and pop them in the jaffle Iron. Cut two king-size Mars Bars up and strategically place them evenly on the bread and toast them on the coals. Wait until it’s lightly toasted and the caramel chocolate is melted just right!

– Scott Heiman



Tomato sauce - $3.00 (1L)

Worcestershire - $2.00

Chicken drumsticks - $5.00

GRAND TOTAL - $10.00


Here’s one meal that’ll have you dribbling every time you get a whiff. Kick things off by pre-heating the camp oven while you combine roughly three parts tomato sauce to one part Worcestershire sauce in a separate bowl. You can add some thinly sliced onion and garlic too if you want. Then add everything, including the drumsticks into the camp oven ensuring the sauce covers the drumsticks. You’ll want a thin bed of coals underneath, and a good shovel or two of coals on the lid to get the heat nice and even. Then put your feet up and have a few coldies while they simmer for an hour or two. When they’re cooked, the meat will fall of the bone. Serve them up with a bit of rice and mashed potato, and let the sauce dribble through.

– Michael Borg



500g Mince - $4.00

Cheese - $2.99

Corn Chips - $1.00

Red Kidney Beans - $0.75

Crushed Tomatoes - $0.80

Chilli Con Carne mix - $0.80 (on special)

Sour Cream - $1.20

Avocado =$2.00

GRAND TOTAL - $13.54


OK, so this is a little over budget, and you can dull it down a bit, but where’s the fun in that? After all, this is the kind of recipe that will trick even the most suspicious of campers into thinking you can actually cook - trust me, it works! Now I don’t need to run you through a step-by-step, you should be able to figure out how to cook mince yourself, but the great thing about this meal is it can be cooked in a variety of different ways.

Fry up the mince and beans in a pan, then put them in a camp oven with the chips and cheese on top for baked goodness, or serve it up on to a plate with the chips underneath if you’re in a hurry. If you’re adventurous, a few sliced jalapeños and some guacamole make it a sure-fire hit; just bring plenty of liquid refreshments along.

– Dan Everett

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Written: Wed 01 Nov 2017
Printed: November, 2017
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