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For people who don’t mind driving long distances, RV relocation is the perfect way to see highlights of Australia in an adventurous and cheap way.
Words and Images by: Michelle Hogan

Experiencing the freedom and excitement of travelling in an RV is an aspiration for many Australians; however, the cost associated with renting or purchasing an RV is sometimes far beyond our means.

But, what if there was a way you could live the dream, without having to endure the fees?

Rental companies frequently need to move RVs around the country; this can be due to seasonal changes or because demand for vehicles is greater in a different city. Rather than paying for a driver to relocate the RV, rental companies’ advertise the opportunity to the travelling public. The idea is simple; you rent a luxurious ride for a quarter of the normal price, and the vehicle is returned to the rental company, ready for the next paying customer. It is a win-win situation for both parties; the consumer is able to travel in an RV at a discounted rate, while the rental company can relocate their vehicles at a fraction of the cost in comparison to hiring a moving company.

For people who don’t mind driving long distances, RV relocation is the perfect way to see highlights of Australia in an adventurous and cheap way. However, it is not just rental companies who require  the services of someone to relocate their RV. Often private owners require the relocation of their RV at one time or another; perhaps they have purchased an RV from another state, their RV storage location could be several hours away, or due to unforeseen circumstances they may need assistance driving the vehicle to their selected location.

For many, one of the great aspects of RV holidays is the ability to go where you want, when you want, for as long as you like – but if you are willing to be slightly flexible, RV relocation is the ideal way to experience your dream without the high costs attached.

How does it work?

The following is a previous RV relocation opportunity offered by an Australian RV rental company:

Adelaide - Perth

$5 a day: Including up to $250 free fuel and 3,250 kilometres. Pick-up 15 Dec, 2012 with a minimum hire of six days and maximum of eight.

Rental companies charge a low fee for RV relocation, sometimes even as little as $1.00 a day, and in most cases you will be provided with a fuel surcharge as well. As an example, the above ad offered $250 ‘free fuel’; this means that on delivery of the vehicle, with your receipts as validation, you would have been subsidised up to $250 worth of your fuel costs. It is important to keep in mind that the fuel surcharge does not always cover your entire fuel expenses, especially if you plan to take advantage of your time and explore the local regions along the way. But every little bit helps!

Each relocation route has a time and kilometre limit, for instance, the above ad has a maximum time limit of eight days and 3,246 kilometres. If you organise your trip well, you can easily spend days exploring the local sites and attractions without exceeding the kilometre limit. If you do exceed the arranged kilometres, there are usually additional charges, often around 50 cents per kilometre – but be sure to verify this with each relocation as  not all companies are the same and this can be very expensive. 

The upside to relocations:

  • With the amount of RV rental companies in Australia, the vast selection of deals available means that RV relocation can be a highly flexible activity timed around your own personal schedule.
  • Typically, you’re given a fairly wide window in which to get the RV from one location to the other so that you do not have to drive for long, consecutive hours each day.
  • RV relocation is one of the cheapest ways to enjoy an RV holiday.
  • If you are considering buying an RV, relocations can be a great way to testdrive different vehicles before purchasing your own.
  • Undertaking an RV relocation will allow you to see parts of Australia that you may not have had the opportunity to do so otherwise.

The downside to relocations:

  • The route and the dates of an RV relocation are fixed and it is up to you to complete the task within that set period of time.
  • Although the time period of most RV relocations are quite generous, you do not have the flexibility to stay longer in favorable places or drive off thedetermined route.
  • RV relocation is normally a one way trip; however, as mentioned earlier – with the amount of RV relocations available in Australia you may be able to continue travelling as deals arise.
  • RV relocation is often a last minute deal, which means you must be able to leave at a moment’s notice and embrace the opportunity to take a spontaneous trip. However, there are such a wide range of offers available it shouldn’t be too hard to find one to suit your time and destination requirements.
  • The vehicle variety available through rental companies can include 2WD, 4WD, self-contained vehicles and a range of newer and later models. With this in mind you may not always be able to travel where you want, in the vehicle you want; flexibility is important if you are to enjoy RV relocation.

What’s the catch?

Sometimes a ‘free lunch’ can sound too good to be true, but with most RV relocations, other than your own travel expenses (such as food, parking, holiday attractions and any fuel costs above the surcharge) and the small daily rental fee, the only other aspects left to worry about is scrounging together your security deposit and ensuring your insurance will cover the trip.

A security deposit, like any RV rental, is still expected for RV relocation. The deposit will depend on the vehicle, and the length of time you will have the vehicle for – but like most security deposits, as long as you follow the rules and regulations of the relocation, and treat all property as if it were your own, you will receive a full refund. 

In regards to insurance, every rental company is different and they may require you to purchase their preferred insurance, or they may be happy for you to supply your own cover. Insurance is a necessity when travelling, because as the general rule of thumb goes; if you can’t afford insurance – you can’t afford to travel! If you are relocating an RV, and have no insurance, and unfortunately find yourself involved in an accident, the costs you could incur may far surpass the small fee of insurance.

If you are interested in an RV relocation holiday, we suggest a quick Google search of ‘Australian RV relocation holidays’ will produce a number of sites with some terrific deals! Don’t let your finances hold you back, be spontaneous and embark on an RV relocation holiday today.

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