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Starlink Flat Mount Conversions
Star One provides high speed broadband internet plus phone and television streaming services throughout Australia.
Words and Images by: VANSAT Satellite

Background Image Credit: Cassie Smart / Unsplash

The system, simply called ‘Star One’, provides high speed broadband internet plus phone and television streaming services* throughout Australia whether you are in the Outback, up at the tip of Cape York or travelling across the Nullarbor.

Since Starlink was launched in Australia, it has been a salvation for the travelling public. No longer do you have to wait until you are back in cellular range to keep in contact with loved ones and friends. Put the Starlink V2 terminal outside, run the cable through the door or window to the 240V router, power it on and hey presto – broadband internet.

The downsides to this system are that it’s not permanently mounted - you have to take it down and set it back up at each campsite, plus it requires an inverter to operate (240V is required by the Starlink V2 Router). That’s where VANSAT’s Star One comes into its own. The clever engineers at VANSAT have designed a system that cuts the V2 vertical pole-mounted Starlink terminal down and converts it into a flat-mount structure capable of being fixed to the roof of vehicles, vans and RVs. All of the electronics, router and power control required to operate the system are housed inside this structure.

Standard Starlink kit and base

Hidden beneath the Starlink panel inside the structure is the VANSAT custom-developed circuitry and software. Of course, being a VANSAT product, it is designed and manufactured in Australia at their factory in Mackay, QLD, with the software also written in-house. The outcome of the Star One product is that no external devices are needed. Simply feed Star One 12V from your battery (or 24V if you operate a 24V system) and you are up and running. Even the Wi-Fi router is inside. This router has custom-written software and incorporates six high-gain dual-band antennas to feed the Starlink internet signal not just inside the van but broadcast locally around the campsite as well. Great if  you want to sit outside and browse the internet or lay under a tree and call your friends to keep in touch.

Unlike other solutions, the VANSAT Star One product is completely 12V/24V compatible to the very core. There are no PoE power adapters, no 75 ft cable, no Starlink 240V router and no RJ45 converters. It is truly 12V/24V. Their engineers feed the regulated power (from the internal 12/24V regulator) to the core of the Starlink panel and modify the existing design to take this raw power safely. The end result is the most power-efficient solution on the market today for V2 Starlink Flat Mounts. Standard inclusions to this are full electrical protection, including inadvertent reverse polarity being applied by the operator and, additionally, over and under voltage lockouts – but the story doesn’t end there.

VANSAT custom-developed circuitry and software. Designed and manufactured at their factory in Mackay, QLD

There are also options to integrate rechargeable batteries inside the same structure. In the event of vehicle or RV battery failure, simply flick a switch to change over to the backup rechargeable batteries, and the system will run internally and independently for up to two hours, depending on the option selected when ordering. This option also incorporates a custom locally designed and manufactured battery charger circuit board inside the structure to automatically recharge the onboard batteries once the main power is restored to Star One.

For larger campsites where users might be scattered at various locations further afield, a Wi-Fi extender is available. This extender greatly increases the range of the Starlink signal (though it should be noted that the limiting factor can actually be your device’s ability to transmit back to the extender, not its ability to receive the greatly increased coverage signal from the extender). Once again, the extender software is custom-written by VANSAT and marries the security credentials of the existing onboard router. Choosing that option during the ordering process will ensure the widest coverage beyond the local area around your vehicle/RV.

A further option offered is an integrated ethernet port. For people who want the security of a direct connection to the internet and want to remove the possibility of Wi-Fi interference and congestion from other devices around the campsite, ethernet is the obvious solution. The optional weatherproof connection on Star One allows a network cable to go directly inside the RV to your laptop/device. If you provide the length required, a suitable cable with the ethernet option will be manufactured and supplied for no additional charge.

For existing Starlink owners, pricing starts at just $3,499 inc GST for the basic Star One. Owners will send VANSAT their Starlink system and it will be converted and mounted to the structure for this price.

For new Starlink customers, VANSAT offers Starlink units at $3,999 in which you will get the basic Star One with a brand new Starlink panel converted and fitted.

For more information (including ordering and options), please visit

*Fees may be applicable above the Starlink internet costs for phones and television. Consult your phone and TV streaming providers.

** VANSAT advise they are not affiliated with Starlink. The Star One product is not endorsed or supported by Starlink.


• Rugged and Dependable

• RV/4WD Roof Top Mounted

• Internet ANYWHERE

• Phone Calls ANYWHERE

• Television ANYWHERE

• Roaming Internet

• We’ll Supply DISHY or Send Your Own

• Includes Custom Internal Router

• Includes 12V Custom Power Supply

• Includes 4WD/Car Roof Kit

• Includes Full Install Kit

• Super Simple Operation

• Smart Phone Compatible

• Developed In Australia. 

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Written: Mon 01 Jan 2024
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