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Introducing the RVibrake3
A state-of-the-art flat towing braking solution tailored to your needs.
Words and Images by: RVI NEW ZEALAND

At RVi New Zealand Limited, we provide Aussies with a premium A-Frame (flat towing) solution that sets a new standard for convenience, ease of use and, more importantly, safety. The RVi3 Braking System is at the heart of our product offerings, and this cutting-edge technology redefines how you tow your vehicle.

To tow safely and legally, it’s crucial to adhere to your vehicle’s towing capacity, which is the maximum weight your vehicle is able to tow as recommended by the manufacturer. Typically, this information is provided in two separate figures on your towbar or in the owner’s manual of your vehicle. One figure refers to the unbraked towing capacity and the other is the braked towing capacity.

Before you tow anything over a  significant distance, it’s advisable to use your local weighbridge to determine your vehicle’s weight to ensure you’ll be towing within the legal limits.

Any load over 750kg requires working brakes or independent electric brakes, and this is where we step in to help you!

Our design is unique in that it’s compact and ensures optimal performance by utilising the vehicle’s floor pan instead of the soft driver’s side seat during activation. Unlike other systems, our RViBrake3 boasts an Auto Positioning feature that eliminates the need for frequent seat adjustments and back-and-forth checking of brake lights to ensure proper positioning. Simply attach the RViBrake3 to the brake pedal, plug in the power, and press the Auto Position Button for a seamless setup. It works like magic!

Our products are designed to exceed your expectations while keeping you safe on the road. They are both compact and easy to use, improving your towing experience. Set up and removal can be done in around 30 seconds, with a simple one-button interface that automatically positions itself and BOOM! You’re ready to tow.


The RViBrake3 functions as an inertia-activated system designed to detect braking, akin to the force that pushes your chest forward during braking. This mechanism allows the RViBrake3 to relieve the weight of your towed vehicle off your motorhome every time it activates. With an accelerometer integrated into the brake, it gauges these changes and adjusts the pressure on the brake pedal, preventing excessive wear on your motorhome and towed vehicle brakes. Among the many features of the RViBrake3, its versatility is a stand-out as it fits any car and is fully portable, making it easily transferable to another vehicle.

Along with reducing your stopping distances, one of the main reasons to have a braking system for flat towing is a possible breakaway. Should you have a catastrophic A-Frame failure resulting in a breakaway, the breakaway system will activate your RViBrake3 to bring your vehicle to a safe stop within 0.5 seconds,  compared to the 3-second response time with other braking systems currently on the market.

The RViBrake3 has undergone rigorous brake testing in Australia and has met the braking requirements outlined in the Vehicle Standards Information (VSI410) Guidelines for A-Frame towing, released by the Road Transport Authority (RTA).


As you venture into the world of Flat Towing, choose RVi for unparalleled safety and performance. We now ship nationwide in Australia through our online store, delivering to your  doorstep, no matter which state you reside in. Look no further for all your RViBrake3 products and accessories, such as the Roadie Soft-Shell Carry Case for the RViBrake3, Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (known as Tire Patrol) for RVing and Flat Towing and Command Centre Smart Tablet and Hub System.

We are committed to ensuring your flat towing experience is seamless and are here to help you along your journey. Explore our online store at or reach out to us today for more details on our highly sought-after RViBrake3 System.

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Written: Fri 01 Dec 2023
Printed: December, 2023
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