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OCD Covers
Exceptional protective covers for e-bikes, motorhome windscreens and the iconic Suzuki Jimny
Words and Images by: Original Cover Designs

Thermal Windshield Cover

As the popularity of e-bikes has flourished in the motorhome market, so too has the need and desire to find a truly protective bike cover. The answer lies in a New Zealand brand, OCD Covers, as it has developed an incredible range of fully enclosed bike covers and other RV cover type products.

With more than 4000 bike covers winding their way around New Zealand and overseas roads, OCD Covers has become the market leader through its design, performance and functionality. As an example of the attention to detail, each type and model of bike rack has a specifically designed, fully enclosed bike cover, taking only 3-5 minutes to install. Words like brilliant, fantastic, clever and impressive are commonly used by clients when they see the covers being fitted to their bike rack.

OCD covers are now available in Australia through a prompt freight free door-to-door courier service  from New Zealand. Ordering can be done online with an easy-to-use step-by-step process to ensure the correct design and sizing is ordered, or a knowledgeable customer sales team is available for personal service.

Bike Cover

The parent company is Matamata Saddlery, located 2 hours south of Auckland and established nearly 50 years ago. The company is renowned for manufacturing canvas horse covers along with other intricate equine products. This skill base has allowed design and production to shift from horse covers to bike covers, external and internal protective windscreen covers for motorhomes and car-bras for the likes of Suzuki Jimny tow vehicles.

Like many things in life, the devil is in the detail. Designing the initial bike cover was the “easy” part, learning all the intricate details about bikes, size shapes and profiles and bike racks provided an intense and steep learning curve. Fortunately, a  vast majority of the covers have been sold and fitted directly to customer’s motorhomes and caravans when visiting onsite. Key staff have been tagged the “bike rack gurus” because of their ability to manipulate the racks to avoid the bikes hitting each other or the rear wall of the motorhome.

Although the Bike Rack Gurus are in New Zealand, the invitation exists to contact them if you are experiencing rack or bike related problems. They specialise in retro fitting lift bike racks to existing wall mounts, suppling new racks of all types and generally overcoming problems that arise from having to fit modern e-bikes to what can be described to fundamentally outdated bike racks.

BR Systems Electric Bike Lift and Bike Cover


OCD covers are available for all commercial brands and models of bike racks. These include the favourite Australian Gripsport and iSi racks, the European Thule,  Fiamma, BR Systems and the USA made brands like Yakima. The range continues to expand as new bike racks are released into the market.


Camping overnight in cool conditions is an invitation for internal condensation in your motorhome. OCD’s thermal cover creates a thermal barrier between the cold outside temperature and the windscreen. This allows the windscreen temperature to be more like the inside of the motorhome, therefore as the occupants breathe warm moist air, it does not have a cold windscreen to condense on. Problem solved.

The reflective covers have a similar performance in the cool, more importantly, the reflective cover reduces the internal temperature dramatically due to repelling the heat before it super heats the windscreen. A hot windscreen intensifies the heat radiation to the interior.

Both versions of the windscreen cover have four physical mounting points, with customised leather surrounds to fit around the side mirror stems. A series of magnets are fitted in the cover to attach down the back edge of the driver’s and passenger’s door, under the windows and around the bottom edge of the bonnet.

Our design ethos is to make these covers for each brand and year model, this way they fit like a hand in a glove and justify their reputation as being the most refined covers in the market. Patterns exist for most popular motorhomes and the range is increasing all of the time.

Thermal Windshield Cover


In keeping with the brilliant design of the Suzuki Jimny, OCD Covers have developed a tow cover made from 10mm Tri-cote backed foam, laminated to a premium vinyl. The combination  of the design and construction methodology has resulted in robust and protective cover to minimise the damage while travelling.

A variety of mounting options are used around the roof subject to a roof rack being present or not. Secure attachments ensure the cover does not move on the sides or front. Access holes are provided for access to the break-away switch and power connections. These details are customized for each cover / Jimny combination.

Visit our website or call Peter or Maz as we are here and willing to help. Our phone number is free to New Zealand.


0061) 4800 50227

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Written: Tue 01 Aug 2023
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